The Mission of the Hongaku Institute for Buddhist Studies

Nāmo Amitābha Buddha

HIBS is the educational arm of Hongaku Jōdo Tendai, Compassionate Lotus Lineage.

While the aims listed below are worthy, it becomes evident that the real educational aim of Hongaku Jōdo Compassionate Lotus must be to share Dharma one-on-one. We offer to anyone seriously wanting to become a practitioner of the Dharma the opportunity to do so. We will work with you personally and you may contact me personally if you wish.

As we grow older the daily opportunity to interact with others diminishes. Therefore I ask you not to bother me if you are just looking for something to fill in your idle time or simply a curious casual seeker surfing the Internet on a whim of ego. The Saha World, literally, “that which must be endured” (Sanskrit), is seen as being empty and void, but it is still what it is; we have to work with that. Think of it as Zen, think of it as Pure Land. So, open your eyes. Buckle up and knuckle down and become one with the Buddhas.

The aims and the objectives of Hongaku Jōdo are set out herein:

For the propagation of Buddhism, especially Pure Land Buddhism, within the context of Tendai, as an American Buddhism;

To provide for public worship I an English language format;

To carry the Buddha’s teaching to all people;

To render spiritual assistance and/or counseling to all sentient beings facing times of need, to include our incarcerated brothers and sisters;

To teach and to practice meditation in its myriad forms;

To organize and/or sponsor public programs on Buddhism and related subjects;

To provide for educational training in Buddhism for lay and clergy alike;

From the Hongaku Jōdo Constitution and Bylaws: “We offer ‘Certificates’ of completion for special projects such as workshops, non-HIBS study projects, or similar academic training courses and seminars which YOU or your organization might want to sponsor or teach.”

You may contact us by clicking here.

Hongaku Jōdo Tendai Compassionate Lotus Lineage

Let there be Light
Let there be an understanding of Light
Let there be an awareness of our place in the Light so that we can become
One with the Light
And know it
For what we are

Shaku Mui Shin Shi, Ajari

(Sensei Mui)

About Sensei Mui

Sensei Mui is a Buddhist monk who took formal refuge and bhikkhu ordination as a Theravada monk in Thailand during the early 1970s. Since those days he has both studied and was ordained in multiple Mahayana lineages. Today the main focus of his practice and teaching is from the Pure Land perspective. He currently acts as the Director and Administrator for Hongaku Jodo, an educational and practice oriented organization of Buddhist teachers of Dharma, pure and simple.
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