Faith In the Way

We are empirical and finite beings, we are confined to a bubble of sense perceptions and our existence is limited to time and space. Pursuit of truth starts with our encounter with a sense of the transcendent and the infinite, in meanings that are unique to each individual and experience. In Buddhism, the transcendent is seen in the light of personal and impersonal aspects, namely, Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha. The transcendent Buddha and Dharma constitute the content of enlightenment (satori), the goal for all Buddhists. The Sangha provides us with a community of support and guidance. The enlightenment-truth is not a static principle but a dynamic force that unfolds spontaneously on both the plane of transcendent reality and that of empirical fact.

Hongaku sees the infinite (amita or amata, deathlessness) as being represented by Amida (Amitabha), the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life. With transcendent wisdom, the experience of reality as it is, and all-embracing compassion, unrestricted understanding, Amida approaches our being, making our encounter with the transcendent and the infinite possible. The Dharma provides us with myriad ways of accessing spiritual encounter for people of unique predispositions, leading to the ultimate path of salvation – Faith in the Way.

About Sensei Mui

Sensei Mui is a Buddhist monk who took formal refuge and bhikkhu ordination as a Theravada monk in Thailand during the early 1970s. Since those days he has both studied and was ordained in multiple Mahayana lineages. Today the main focus of his practice and teaching is from the Pure Land perspective. He currently acts as the Director and Administrator for Hongaku Jodo, an educational and practice oriented organization of Buddhist teachers of Dharma, pure and simple.
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