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My Buddha Can Beat Up Your Buddha

Contemporary Pure Land Buddhism has come under much scholarly critique over the past two to three decades. This is especially true of the Japanese Jōdo and Jōdo Shinshū presentations. In fact, the entirety of the model of populist Buddhism in … Continue reading

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Greed, Aversion, Delusion, Anger, Contempt, and Conceit I recently gave a Dhamma talk at a friend’s Sangha where I was asked the same question I am usually asked when I teach at Christian and secular events. It always seems that … Continue reading

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The Bhumis in the Pali Canon 

  The Ox Herding Pictures,  Japanese: jugyu, Chinese: shíniú, are well known to Zen. It exemplifies the stages of the path according to Zen. The pictures first appeared in their present form, as drawn by the Chinese Chan (Zen) master … Continue reading

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